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Chelmsford II

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Our project brought us to the heart of Chelmsford, where we had the privilege of crafting a modern muse within a brand new three-bedroom home. Our client’s vision was clear: they desired a timeless and sophisticated finish, and we were determined to deliver.


Chelmsford, Essex United Kingdom




Interior Design, Project Co-ordination, Procurement, Install and Styling


20 November 2022

Elevating Spaces with a Neutral Palette

To achieve the desired timeless and sophisticated look, we began by working with a neutral palette as our canvas. Neutral tones provide a versatile foundation, allowing us to build upon it with grace and luxury.

A Touch of Luxury: Greys, Blues, and Hints of Gold

We added opulence and depth to the spaces with a carefully curated selection of lavish greys and blues, creating an ambiance of refined elegance. To bring a touch of glamour and sparkle, we incorporated subtle hints of gold, adding a shimmering finish that radiates sophistication.

Elevating Bedroom and Entrance Hall Spaces with Artful Patterned Wallpaper

To infuse our design with a touch of artistic flair, we introduced captivating, patterned wallpaper to the bedroom and Entrance Hall spaces. This bold element of style not only adds depth and character but also transforms these rooms into truly unique and private sanctuaries. The carefully selected patterns and textures brought a sense of individuality to each bedroom, ensuring that they stand out as special spaces within the home.

Project Result

We invite you to explore this project further in our portfolio and see how our team’s expertise in interior design and project management transformed this house into a peaceful haven for our clients.

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