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After graduating from London Guildhall University with a BSc (Hons) in Accounting and Computing, I got my first professional job with Merrill Lynch working as an IT Consultant. My love for interior design, though, had been brewing long before then. I enjoyed improving home decor even as a young girl, but didn’t think it would be a lucrative business. It took furnishing my home from top to bottom, and the homes of a few friends and family (with high expressions of commendation) to convince me that the time was right to turn my passion for interior design into a business.

l subsequently went on a short course in property investment, and my passion for interior design grew even stronger. In time, I was asked by my first client to oversee a 3500sqft 5 bedroom property, and thus my business began. To supplement my practical experience, I took an intensive course at the KLC School of Design. I have since taken on projects, both big and small, paying incredible attention to detail and working tirelessly to ensure that I help my clients create their dream home. Client satisfaction remains the one goal I am committed to realizing on every single project.