EAI have gradually transformed our home. The first room we requested to be completed was our daughter’s room and 6 months down the line, we are still stunned with the transformation. Our daughter’s room is the image of what you would view in a magazine, but then, realising it is your own home, and also practical in the use of space, makes it even more special. EAI have been able to transform our thoughts, beliefs and tastes into colours and items breathing life into our home. From taking her time to understand exactly what we wanted, presenting a moodboard for a room, to sourcing the highest possible grade of items at the best price. Most of all, her attention to detail is second-to-none. I cannot wait for the rest of the house to be transformed! They have been excellent at handling our budget. I will recommend EAI because they are able to translate your requirements easily and would wisely advise where your personal taste would be in conflict with the look and feel they are trying to create for you bespokely.